Casey and I (cont.)

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"Are you really?" she asked anxiously. "I mean, when they were beating you and all? You weren't sorry you married me, were you?"

I turned and kissed her. "The only thing I was sorry about," I told her, "was getting you in trouble. I was worried about you. Especially after you disappeared."

Casey kissed me. "Well, you saved me," she told me. "I'm glad I put my faith in you." She kissed me again.

I rubbed her back for several minutes until Casey finally sat up. "I'm tired," she told me. "We need to go to bed." I watched her naked back and cute little butt as she walked to the bathroom, and then I got up and followed. She sat on the toilet and I heard the sound of her pee, and then she went to the sink to wash her hands. Since we were married, I figured there was no reason I couldn't pee in front of her, so I raised the toilet and proceeded to do so.

"I wanna hold it," Casey said, dashing over to grab my cock. She giggled as she aimed my pee in the toilet. "Your penis is getting bigger," she observed as I finished up.

"That's because you're touching it," I said. "Now you need to shake it." She giggled as she shook my cock, causing it to grow some more.

"Maybe you should wash it off," she told me. "I might wanna suck it some more." She giggled as she went to the sink to wash her hands and brush her teeth. I jumped in the shower to wash my dick and also my face where she'd leaked pussy juice all over it.

By the time I got out, she was already in bed with the light out. I brushed my teeth, turned out the bathroom light, and crawled into bed with Casey. She immediately snuggled up to me, pressing her delightfully naked body against mine. We lay there in the darkness for several minutes, trying to meld our bodies together as we luxuriated in each otherís warmth. I wondered if Casey was going to sleep when she began rubbing my nipple.

"Aaron?" she asked. "Is what you said really in the Bible?" Casey asked. "That part about not depriving your wife of sex?"

"Uh huh," I replied. "We can look it up tomorrow."

"Wow," Casey said. "So we can have sex whenever I want."

"Uh huh," I replied. "As long as we're not out in public.

"Well, I wanna have sex now," she told me.

"Okay," I said. "But I'm not sure we can do it yet. You need to get my penis hard.

"It got pretty hard in the bathroom," she observed, "when I held it like this." She grabbed my cock in her fist and squeezed it. I was already pretty hard from the touch of her body, and the touch of her hand on my cock got me most of the rest of the way up. "It got even harder," Casey said, "when I did this." She bent down and I felt her mouth engulfing my cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then went up and down on my cock several times.

"Okay," she said. "I think you're ready." She crawled on top of me and then sat up, squatting over me. I felt her take my cock in her hand and then I felt it pressing against the entrance to her prepubescent pussy. I wondered if she was wet enough, but as she began to lower herself onto me, and my cock began to penetrate her preteen pussy, I realized she was completely aroused. She was deliciously tight but very wet. When I was about halfway in, she rose up a little, pulling my cock almost completely out, and then she came down again until she was completely impaled on my rigid cock.

I reached up and caressed her nipples. She sighed and then began moving on my cock. It was a slow fuck this time as I savored the snug warmth of her little pussy. We fucked in silence for several minutes, the only sound the faint slurping noise of my cock penetrating her wet cunt and the sound of our breathing.

After a while Casey lay down on top of me, pressing her naked chest against mine and putting her arms around my neck. I held her butt as we kissed, slowly at first, as we continued to fuck. I could feel her heart beating against mine, and time seemed to stand still as my tongue dueled with hers as we fucked in the firelight.

At length, she rose up, supporting herself on her arms. "This is the first night we've spent together since we married," she observed.

"We spent last night together," I pointed out as I reached up to caress her nipple.

"But we didn't have sex," Casey said, bouncing on my cock. "Well, only once, and I was half asleep."

"We can do it more tonight," I promised.

"That's what I'm trying to say," Casey told me. "This is our wedding night. In a way, anyway. Since we were cheated out of the first one."

"I guess so," I replied, thrusting deep into her tight, wet pussy.

"That means we should make love all night long," Casey told me.

"Okay," I replied. "But we might need to take a break once in a while."

She giggled. "We'll sleep a little," she said. "Then we'll wake up and have sex again."

I twisted my neck so I could lick her nipple to hardness. She sighed. I licked the other nipple until it was erect, and then lay back down as I continued to caress her hard little nipples with my thumbs. "I love you, Casey," I told her. "And I love making love to you."

"Oh, Aaron," she sighed. "I love making love to you, too." She lowered herself to kiss me as we fucked. She was panting a little now, and I began to thrust into her more rapidly. Then she rose up to an erect position, using her thighs to raise and lower herself on my cock. We fucked for several more minutes, and then she abruptly pulled off me.

"I've got a surprise," she told me. My cock was throbbing, and she turned and took it into her mouth, all the way to her throat, swirling her tongue around and then taking me in and out several times. I wondered if this was the surprise, but then she stopped and rose up. "I'll be back in a minute," she told me. "Here, put this on." She pulled the pillowcase off one of the pillows and draped it over my eyes. "I want this to be a complete surprise."

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